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Campus Housing


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Campus Housing Vision

The residential environment of The Citadel is an essential element in meeting the College’s mission. In-residence stakeholders in faculty and staff roles provide for mentoring relationships with students outside of class, reinforce leadership development, support the South Carolina Corps of Cadets and sustain critical campus operations at all times. Campus housing quarters are also important for newly hired faculty and staff members as they successfully transition to support those efforts, with the understanding that the supply of housing units will never be large enough or varied enough to meet all needs.

Campus Housing Information

The Citadel has 58 Faculty and Staff quarters units on the campus. These units range in size from 1200 square foot, two bedroom units to four bedroom units with 2700 square feet. The majority of the units are located in multifamily housing buildings of four or more units. Presently there are 2 single-family residences in the 58 total.

Campus Housing is divided into three (3) categories: Designated Housing, Permanent Housing, and Transition Housing. Designated Housing units are reserved for individuals who occupy specific college positions, such as the President and the Commandant. Residents of Designated Housing may remain tenants throughout their tenure in the assigned position. Permanent Housing is available for assignment by a member of the Executive Staff. Units are assigned to specific college positions in accordance with the Campus Housing Vision. Rental of these units is limited to five (5) years and is renewable. Permanent Housing tenants shall be subject to a review of their support of the Campus Housing Vision on an annual basis. Available Permanent Housing units will be advertised to the Executive Staff by The Citadel’s Housing Director. Transition Housing is available for assignment by the Vice President for Facilities and Engineering in coordination with the other Executive Staff members. Units are assigned to newly hired faculty and staff members and in accordance with the Campus Housing Vision, or on an as- needed basis. Rental of these units is generally limited to five (5) months up to two (2) years. Available Transition Housing units will be advertised to the Executive Staff by The Citadel’s Housing Director. Faculty and staff seeking on-campus housing shall complete the Housing Interest Application.  Priority will be given to a newly hired faculty or staff member followed by existing faculty and staff in accordance with the Campus Housing Vision.

The Citadel's Facilities and Engineering Department is responsible for maintaining and renovating housing units. Renovations occur prior to occupancy and vary greatly in scope. The scope of the renovation is dependent on the work that is necessary to bring the unit to a state of good repair and functionality.

Typically, housing turnover occurs during the Christmas and summer breaks (or the close of a semester). Housing occupancy is usually at 95% or greater. Meaning that 55 or more, of the 58 units are occupied at any given time. The criteria for assignment and policies and procedures related to housing are outlined in the Housing Policies and Procedures Manual. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the Housing Policy.

Please note the revised Housing Policy became effective on 8 January 2021. Please follow the link at the top of this page for a copy of the Housing Policy or click on the following link:

If you have questions regarding housing, please contact Rhonda Tucker, Facilities and Housing Coordinator, at 843-953-1612 or

Designated Units  
1 Hammond President
2 Hammond Commandant
3 Hammond Assigned by the President
512-519 Maintenance Quarters
Permanent Units  
4-7 Hammond  
101-116 Register  
210-216 Richardson  
175 Dunnemann  
59 Dunnemann  
Transition Units  
Dunnemann Apartments NE1, NE2, NE3, NE4
  NW1, NW2, NW3, NW4
  SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4
  SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4


Unit Allocation Status
4 Hammond F&E Occupied
5 Hammond SVPOA Occupied
6 Hammond Provost Occupied
7 Hammond SVPOA Occupied
101 Register Provost Occupied
102 Register VPFBA Occupied
103 Register Commandant Occupied
104 Register Director of Athletics Occupied
105 Register Provost Occupied
106 Register Commandant Occupied
107 Register Provost Occupied
108 Register Director of Athletics Occupied
109 Register Provost Occupied
110 Register Provost Occupied
111 Register VPFBA Occupied
112 Register Commandant Occupied
113 Register Provost Occupied
114 Register Provost Occupied
115 Register F&E Occupied
116 Register Provost Occupied
210 Richardson F&E Occupied
211 Richardson Commandant Occupied
212 Richardson Director of Athletics Occupied
213 Richardson Provost Occupied
214 Richardson Provost Occupied
215 Richardson F&E Occupied
216 Richardson Commandant Occupied
175 Dunnemann F&E Occupied
59 Dunnemann Director of Athletics Occupied
Allocated Housing Unit Summary # of Units
Provost   11
F&E   5
Commandant   6
Director of Athletics   4
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