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Off Campus Support

Palmetto Battery’s Regimental Color Guard is often available to present The Colors at major conferences and events. Availability is based upon The Citadel’s Annual Training Calendar.

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Campus Support:

Flag Details: Every day while the South Carolina Corps of Cadets is in session, Palmetto Battery cadets have the privilege of conducting flag details at Reveille and Retreat. This detail is performed by Sophomore Color Corporals through the Cadre Period. After Parent’s Day, this detail is assumed by Fourth Class Cadets. In addition to ensuring that the flag is raised and lowered properly with the appropriate bugle calls, the Flag Detail is responsible for proper folding and storage of all flags, ensuring that flags are serviceable and retiring flags that are no longer serviceable. This responsibility presents many leadership opportunities for the cadets involved including coordination and execution of a schedule.

Salute Guns: Palmetto Battery is responsible for firing the two 75mm Howitzers and 4 6lb. black powder cannons assigned to the unit. During Parent’s Day, Homecoming, and Corps Day parades, salutes of 15 rounds are fired from the Howitzers or in combination with the black powder cannons. On Fridays during retreat parades, the Battery fires one round prior to the flag being lowered. Cadets assigned to this detail are generally sophomores, juniors and seniors who have demonstrated proficiency in the employment of artillery.

Football Games: During Citadel Home Football Games, the Battery supports the team by firing one of two 6lb. black powder cannons when the Bulldogs score a touchdown. Then, when the extra point is scored “Boomer” the touchdown cannon is fired for the extra point. On major weekends such as Corps Day and Homecoming as well as NCAA championship games, the Battery adds an extra level of support with its musket squad. These duties are performed by Fourth Class Cadets and is where Battery Cadets learn the fundamentals of safe artillery operation.

Soccer Games: For each home soccer game, Palmetto Battery Cadets fire the smallest piece of artillery in inventory for each goal scored by the Bulldogs. The cannon fired is a 10 gauge shotgun shell cannon which measures 8 inches in height and 15 inches in length. Despite this gun’s size, the sound can be heard throughout campus when a goal is scored. This detail is generally conducted by Fourth Class Cadets under the supervision of a Sophomore or Junior Cadet

Pep Rallies: Cadets of all classes in the Battery support Citadel pep rallies prior to a major Citadel Football Game. Some pep rallies call for one piece of artillery while others call for everything within the Battery’s inventory. In the fall of 2016, Palmetto Battery rose to the occasion during a pep rally with all of its black powder artillery and provided the cannon sounds while a local rock band performed “For Those About To Rock” by AC/DC. To date this was the first known attempt to do this on the East Coast.

Color Guards: The Regimental Color Guard consists of Cadets from the Palmetto Battery. The Regimental Color Guard can be seen at each parade and leading the South Carolina Corps of Cadets on the gridiron prior to each home football game. The color guard also makes off campus appearances. Most notably, along with the Regimental Band and Pipes and the Summerall Guards, the Regimental Color Guard participated in the2017 Inaugural Parade for President Donald Trump. Each semester The Regimental Color Guard represents The Citadel at many off campus events in which the colors are presented.

During the first semester, The Regimental Color Guard consists of Sophomores and Juniors. At the beginning of the second semester, all Fourth Class Cadets are trained in color guard fundamentals and towards February, Fourth Class Cadets are assigned to Regimental Color Guard duties.

Musket Squad: Palmetto Battery provides The Citadel’s musket squad which can be seen at home football games on major weekends and at off campus events. The muskets that are utilized are functional Model 1842 Springfields. The cadets who comprise this squad are Fourth Class Cadets who are supervised by the Battery’s re-enactment Sergeant. Each Cadet assigned to this detail not only learns proper safety and operation but also learns how to care for the equipment associated with the muskets.

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