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Parents' Weekend 2021 Friday 1 October 2021

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Friday 1 October 2021
Seniors Get Their Rings!

General Leave:

Upperclass:  After their last class until 0100 (1AM).
Freshmen:   After their last duty which is after the Seniors enter the Chapel (~1500/3PM) until Midnight (2400).

Key Events:

1030/10:30AM: The Citadel Family Association Annual Meeting featuring General Walters who will provide an update to Parents and Families - Buyer Auditorium, Mark Clark Hall. 

1445/2:45PM:  Seniors March to the Chapel for the Ring Presentation Ceremony.  Freshmen will form a path for them - Summerall Field

1500/3:00PM:   Class of 2022 Ring Presentation Ceremony - Summerall Chapel - Cadets only

1700/5PM:        Ring Reception - Deas Hall

1800/6:00PM:   Ring Walk-Through Ceremony and Sword Arch Performance - McAlister Fieldhouse – we will post the times for each company when available.  Don't forget that the Clear Bag Policy will be in effect.

The Details:

Parent’s Weekend actually starts for Parents and Families on Friday 1 October with the CFA Annual Meeting.  We hope you will start the Weekend's festivities by attending this meeting and hearing from the President what his priorities are for the College.

Here is our recommendation for the day for everyone:

Make sure you and your Cadet coordinate when and where you will meet.  Note the General Leave schedule above, Underclassmen can leave as early as after their last class.  Freshmen can leave after their last duty which will be after they form a path for the Seniors to walk though to the Chapel.  Make sure they know how - and ask them - to contact you in case they get delayed or if they are going to take a nap!  

1030-1215: The CFA Annual Meeting featuring the President's Update to Parents - Buyer Auditorium in Mark Clark Hall.  A great way to start off Parents' Weekend!  CFA Chair, Shannon Hime-BIzzaro, will call the meeting to order at 1030 sharp!  First order of business will be to have General Walters and his senior staff provide an update on the College to the Membership (which is all parents).  As your Cadet’s advisor, it is a great way to find out what his top issues are for the school and then ask any questions you may have.

1215-1445: Lunch: This is the first meal you will have to make a decision on.  For the Parents and Families of Junior and Sophomore Cadets, you may want to find out when your Cadet is able to leave campus before deciding whether to eat on campus or not.  Many may want to depart as soon as possible and eat somewhere off campus.  For those Freshmen and Senior Parents waiting for their Cadets, you may want to take advantage of the following eating locations on Campus

       1) The Canteen which includes a Chick-fil-a, sandwich and salad bar
       2) The full-service Starbucks located in Mark Clark Hall. 
       3) The coffee shop in Daniel Library.  

1500/3PM: The Ring Presentation Ceremony - citadel 170078449at the beginning of the year, the President asked the leadership of the Class of 2022 to tell him how would they like to receive their rings.  In a nod to the "Old Corps" they chose a cadet-only ceremony in Summerall Chapel.  Much of their thinking was influenced by the experience last year's class had when they received their rings - it was a great class bonding event.  Although Parents and Families will not be allowed in the Chapel, you welcome to watch them march across the parade field to the Chapel. 

Around 1445 (2:45PM) the Freshmen will form a path for their Seniors from the Battalions to the Chapel at 1500 (3PM).  This will be a first for us, so it may be tweaked as we get closer, but it will be very special for the cadets.  At the conclusion of the ceremony they will exit the Chapel and pay their respect to the fallen at the War Memorial before heading back to their Battalions.

Before the cermeony, make sure you and your cadet arrange when and where you will meet after they are dismissed (for Freshmen) or completion of the ceremony (for Seniors).

For parents of Freshmen, you will find most want to eat, sleep and then get something to eat. It is always good to get them back a little earlier than the expiration of leave.

1700 (5PM) - through the evening:  The Ring Reception - Senior families only.  Come and enjoy meeting others at the Ring Reception over in Deas Hall.  Also you may want to take advantage of a photo op with large ring displaying the shiny new "22" on it.

ring photo 4441800 (6PM): The Sword Arch Performance and Walk Through Ring Ceremony in McAlister Field House.  The Sword Arch team will present to the Seniors a precision performance which will be the culmination of weeks of hard work and dedication.  Please be in your seats before 6PM as there will be no movement during the presentation.  This will be a chaotic time for Senior families, so we recommend that all families consider attending the performance at some point before your cadet is a senior when you have time to watch - and think about when you will be going through the Ring!

At 1815 (6:15PM) Cadets and their special guests will begin their walk through the Ring starting with the Regimental Commander, Senior Class President, Regimental Activities Officer and the Ring Chairman. At 1820 (6:20PM) the Senior Football Players (need to get them to bed for the game the next day) and Active Duty Seniors will make their walk.   

As a reminder, especially for the earlier folks, Charleston traffic is at its worst on Friday afternoons and then you have to find a place to park. Please plan on getting to McAlister Fieldhouse early. If you miss your time slot, you go to the back of the line and will go through after the last Company.

For Parents and Families of Seniors, this is a fairly formal event.  When considering what to wear, keep in mind your cadet will be wearing their most formal uniform for this ceremony. 

Ring Walkthrough Times by Company 

Ring Walkthrogh Times

The Special Instructions for the Ring Walk Through Ceremony and Reception from Cadet Activities. 

CLICK HERE for information on the 2022 RING that you can quiz your cadet on.

And finally, tell your Cadet to be prepared to introduce you to the VIPs (General and Mrs. Walters and Colonel and Mrs. Gordon) at the end of the walk. Over the past three years they have developed a habit of avoiding the Commandant . . . but this night, there is only one way out!

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