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Celebrating Independance Day in Canada:

How about a little Red, White and Blue for your ears? Today, The Citadel's Regimental Band and Pipes played for a crowd in Halifax about a block from the arena where they perform in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

The Citadel band gets funky:

Want to see The Citadel Band get funky? Check out the video to watch the cadets break out of their precise march, get down, and then quickly snap right back into formation. This act was a HUGE hit at the tattoo.

The Citadel band marches in downtown Halifax:

As the band marched from the library to a park for the second performance, hundreds of faces curled into smiles. The cadets truly transformed the industrious mid-week mood into one of joy--if only for a few minutes. Shoppers and workers alike stepped out onto the sidewalk to catch the parade and take a photo to share this cool moment with their friends and family.

Tuba hug:

Never seen a Tuba Dance before? Well, neither have we. In fact, even after witnessing it, we're still not sure what it really is. But, we think we like it.

Tuning the bagpipes:

When the musicians march onstage, their instruments have to be pitch-perfect. Every day, about an hour and a half before each performance, the bagpipers (there are more than 50!) get together in the arena to tune up. Major Dillahey plays a critical role in this important step.


For more videos from the band's trip to Halifax,
visit our YouTube page here.

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