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Recognition and Corps Day 2022!

The Schedule for Recognition and Corps Day Weekend is approved!

Friday March 25th
11:00AM - CFA Annual Meting - Buyer Auditorium on the second floor of Mark Clark Hall
3:45PM - The Gauntlet - Summerall (3rd, 4th and 5th Battalions) and Wilson (1st and 2nd Battalions) Fields (see map)
5:00PM - Victory Lap
General Leave - after Recognition until midnight for freshmen and 1AM for upperclassmen

Saturday March 26th
8:30AM - 10:00AM - Open Barracks
8:15AM - Rifle Legion Performance - Summerall Field
9:00AM - Summerall Guards/Bond Volunteers Rifle Exchange - Summerall Field
10:30AM - Parade w/ Jeep Review
12:00PM - 4th Class Recognition Lunch (Cadets Only)
2:00PM - Formation for March to Marion Square
2:45PM - Marion Square Events to Include "The Citadel Story", Key Exchange w/ The WLI and Oath Renewal
TBD - General Leave for Freshmen begins after they return to campus until 1AM for all classes 

Sunday March 27th
5:30AM - General Leave Begins
9:00AM - Protestant Chapel Service, Summerall Chapel
7:00PM - Roman Catholic Service, Summerall Chapel
General leave ends at 1030PM for seniors and 7:50PM for all others.


A little background to Recognition Day.  Recognition Day is the culmination of your cadet's experience within the 4th Class System at The Citadel.  Prior to 2007, each company did their own version and on different days.  When General Rosa arrived he challenged the Senior Class to come up meaningful program that the whole Corps would do at the same time.  It should be a cadet-run event that includes time for the knobs to reflect on what they have learn over the past seven months, be physically challenging, and foster a strong feeling of pride within each cadet in what they have accomplished.  The Seniors responded to the General's challenge with the events we still use today.  At the end your cadet will be exhausted and sore, but beaming with pride!  

1) During the week, the Commandant will schedule time for the "knobs" to reflect on the past seven months.  We hope when you see them after Recognition Day you will also ask them what they believe they learned about themselves and how they will apply it over the next three years.

2) What is "The Gauntlet"?  This is the physical portion of the program that will be held on both the Parade Field and Wilson Field (the football practice field).  We will update this page when the company assignments have been made.  The upperclass set up various stations that each freshman will have to move through before lining up for their "Victory Lap" around campus.  

3) After the Victory Lap they will enter the barracks for some final physical activities while awaiting for the Regimental Commander to say the famous words "the 4th Class System is no longer in effect!"  Only the cadets are allowed in the barracks during this time.  

Note: You are invited to observe The Gauntlet from the fields' perimeter.  Please stand back and do not interfere with the events.  If you decide to follow a specific company as they move to the next station, do so from the edge of the field.  Also parking is going to be a challenge.  We recommend coming early and/or by taxi, Uber or Lyft.  Once the afternoon's event are complete, all cadets will be allowed to leave campus on General Leave.  We will post the time they are required to return that evening when that decision has been made.

Saturday's events: 

1) You will find Corps Day's events will be similar to what you saw on Parents Day.  What you did not see that weekend was a performance by The Rifle Legion.  after their performance the Bond Volunteers will receive their rifles from the 2022 Summerall Guards and make their first official performance as the 2023 Summerall Guards.

2) After Parade the Freshmen will join together for lunch in Coward Hall as a class.  You will need to find your own meal either on or off campus.  This is a good time to head downtown for lunch then make your way to Marion Square for the Oath Renewal Ceremony.

3) Around 2PM the Freshmen form up for their march to Marion Square.  They will march up Moultrie Avenue take a right on King Street and march to Marion Square.  It is quite an impressive march.  If you can, position yourself on the street so you can watch them come by then quickly make it over to the park in time for the ceremony.  They will return to The Citadel in formation then be released on General Leave when complete.  We will update this page when the General Leave times are approved.  They may take an overnight if authorized.

Sunday's events:

You can pick up your cadet as early at 5:30AM.  We will update this page when their return time has been determined. We will also have religious services throughout the day in Summerall Chapel you are invited to attend, 

We hope you will be able to come and enjoy the weekend with your cadet.  Expect it to be warm, so hydrate, bring some sunscreen, and wear comfortable shoes.  As mentioned above, parking with be difficult, so please plan appropriately.    

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