The Military College of South Carolina
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SC Corps of Cadets - Day Program

Fall 2021 Important Dates

May 17,         Fall 2021 registration downtime begins at 12:01 am

Jun 7,            Fall 2021 registration downtime ends at 8:30 am


Aug 14,         Class of 2025 Reports
Aug 22,         SCCC Returns
Aug 25,         Classes Begin
Aug 31,         Add/Drop Ends


Sept 1,          Last Day to Request Audit or Pass/Fail
Sept 6,          Labor Day:Classes Held
Sept 10,        Awards Review 3:45pm (Gold Star & President’s List)
Sept 22,        Deadline for Removal of Incomplete Grades
Sept 24,        Graduation Applications Due for Fall 2021 & Spring/Summer 2022


Oct 1,           Afternoon Classes Cancelled from 12pm forward for Parent’s Weekend
Oct 2-3,        Parent’s Weekend
Oct 12,         Undergraduate Midterm Period Begins (Oct 12-19)
Oct 20,         Leadership Day: No Classes Held
Oct 22,         Undergraduate Midterm Grades due at 10:00 AM
Oct 25,         Registration Advising Period begins


Nov 1,          Priority Spring/ SummerTerm Registration
Nov 2,          Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W”
Nov 5,          Registration Advising Period ends
Nov 8,          Senior 1A/1B Spring/ SummerTerm Registration Begins*
Nov 9,          Junior 2A/2B Spring/ Summer Term Registration Begins*
Nov 10,        Sophomore 3A/3B Spring / Summer Term Registration Begins*
Nov 11,        Freshman 4A/4B Spring/ Summer Term Registration Begins*
Nov 12-14,   Homecoming
Nov 15,        All New students Spring/ Summer Term Registration Begins*
Nov 19-28,   Fall Furlough Begins After Last Class
Nov 28,        SCCC Returns
Nov 29,        Classes Resume


Dec 1,          Spring 2022 registration temporarily closes
Dec 3,          SCCC Candlelight Service
Dec 8,          Classes End
Dec 9,          Exams Begin
Dec 15,        Final Exams End / Winter Furlough Begins after Last Exam
Dec 16,        Spring 2022 registration re-opens at 8:30am
Dec 17,        Grades due at 10:00 AM

*Academic Calendar dates are subject to change as conditions warrant. 

Spring 2022 Important Dates


Jan 9,          Winter Furlough Ends / SCCC Returns
Jan 11,        SCCC/Day Advising
Jan 12,        Classes Begin
Jan 17,        Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No Classes Held – Citadel Staff Holiday
Jan 18,        Add/Drop Ends
Jan 19,        Last Day to Request Audit or Pass/Fail


Mar 1,         Deadline for Removal of Fall 2021 Incomplete Grades, Spring Midterms Begin (Mar 1-8)
Mar 10,       Undergraduate Midterm Grades Due 10:00AM
Mar 11,       Spring Furlough (Mar 11-20)
Mar 23,       SCCC/Day Withdraw Ends
Mar 25,       SCCC Corps Day (Mar 25 -27)
Mar 28,       Registration Advising Period (Mar 28- Apr 8)


Apr 4,         Fall Priority Registration
Apr 7,         ROTC Awards Ceremony
Apr 8,         Student Excellence Day Activities – AM
Apr 11,       Senior 1A/1B Fall Registration 
Apr 12,       Junior 2A/2B Fall Registration
Apr 13,       Sophomore 3A/3B Fall Registration 
Apr 14,       Freshman 4A/4B Fall Registration 
Apr 18 ,      New Student Fall Registration
Apr 26,       Classes End
Apr 27,       Exams Begin


May 3,      Exams End
May 4,      Senior Grades Due 10:00am
May 5,      All Grades Due 10:00am
May 6,      Baccalaureate Commissioning Ceremonies & Long Gray Line Parade
May 7,      Commencement

*Academic Calendar dates are subject to change as conditions warrant. 

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