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Citadel News Service
28 Apr 2017

The Citadel announces cadet leadership for the Class of 2018

The Top Nine in the South Carolina Corps of Cadets starting this fall


Nine students in the South Carolina Corps of Cadets are now the new faces of leadership for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The Office of the Commandant has announced the rising leadership in the Corps. The Citadel’s mission to educate and develop students into principled leaders is woven into the curriculum and is an integral part of the military system at the college. These top student officers will lead approximately 70 cadet officers next year with positions ranging from battalion sergeant majors to company first sergeants. The Citadel's president, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, The Citadel's Provost, Brig. Gen. Connie Ledoux Book, Ph.D., and the Commandant of Cadets, Capt. Geno Paluso recognized the new cadet leaders during a ceremony on Wednesday, April 26.

The Citadel proudly congratulates this upcoming group of commanders and regimental staff.


Pictured left to right:

George D. Graham, Regimental Commander

John D. Cordes, Regimental Executive Officer

Stephen D. Cleary, 1st Battalion Commander

Aaron M. Tribbett, 2nd Battalion Commander

Grace C. Jenkins, 3rd Battalion Commander

Chase J. Shiflet, 4th Battalion Commander

Paige L. Herbst, 5th Battalion Commander

Connor M. Fuhrman, Regimental Academic Officer

Aaron C. Beck, Honor Chairman

Regimental Staff

Regimental Commander – George D. Graham

Regimental XO - John D. Cordes

Honor Chairman – Aaron C. Beck

Regimental Academic Officer – Connor M. Fuhrman

Regimental Adjutant – Colton A. Poole

Regimental Provost Marshall – Conner A. Wall

Regimental Operations Officer – Ty’Rhonza S. Harris

Regimental Supply Officer – Hunter M. Foster

Regimental Public Affairs Officer – Dalia P. Martinez

Regimental ITS Officer – James E. Bath

Honor Vice Chairman-Education – Jeffrey A. Cain

Vice Chair for Investigations – Sean A. Blanton

Vice Chair for Operations - Skye M. Williams

Regimental Religious Officer – Tristan R. Arrowood

Regimental Human Affairs Officer – Cody C. Mahen

Regimental Physical Readiness Officer – Tyler H. Thomason

Regimental Activities Officer – Santiago Vega

Regimental Recruiting Officer – Jacob Woodard

Regimental Sergeant Major – Samuel J. Abernathy

Regimental Admin NCO – Joseph H. Ferguson

Regimental Operations NCO – Morgan A. Meredith

Regimental Supply NCO – Clarence C. Richardson

Regimental Provost NCO – Kirk C. Faris

Regimental Human Affairs NCO – Michael J. Akers

Regimental Public Affairs NCO – Logan R. Miller

Regimental Recruiting NCO – Brandi M. Duzz

Regimental Physical Readiness NCO – Lucas J. Beal

Regimental Activities NCO – Matthew H. Bartolo

1st Battalion

Battalion Commander – Stephen D. Cleary

Battalion SGM – Sarah J. Zorn

A Company Commander – Kelby D. Oakes

A Company First Sergeant – Logan M. Fox

B Company Commander – Richard J. Bennett

B Company First Sergeant – Nathan P. MacEwen

C Company Commander – Devon M. Chatman

C Company First Sergeant – Ryan C. Palmer

D Company Commander – Alexander S. Alequin

D Company First Sergeant – Devan T. Wilson

2nd Battalion

Battalion Commander – Aaron M. Tribbett

Battalion SGM – Mitchell J. Felt

E Company Commander – John S. Clark

E Company First Sergeant – Marc E. Thackston

F Company Commander – Jack A. Marquez

F Company First Sergeant – Abigail G. Koger

G Company Commander – Walter A. Metclafe

G Company First Sergeant – Brandon T. Hickey

H Company Commander – Dakota R. King

H Company First Sergeant – Richard B. DeKold

BD Company Commander – Mason C. Browder

BD Company First Sergeant – Hunter E. Crawley

3rd Battalion

Battalion Commander – Grace C. Jenkins

Battalion SGM – Andrew P. Christensen

I Company Commander – Christopher M. Niepsuj

I Company First Sergeant – Bethany J. Reeves

K Company Commander – Noah M. Fleckenstein

K Company First Sergeant – Nicholas B. Brace

L Company Commander – Huston Z. Hall

L Company First Sergeant – Richard L. Cook

M Company Commander – Christian M. Machesky

M Company First Sergeant – Eugene H. Matthews

4th Battalion

Battalion Commander – Chase J. Shiflet

Battalion SGM – Bradley D. Galbraith

N Company Commander – Justin M. Craft

N Company First Sergeant – Andrew N. Snoke

O Company Commander – Antonio S. Moffa

O Company First Sergeant – Damon G. Susanke

R Company Commander – Salvatore A. Lackey

R Company First Sergeant – Hamilton G. Rhinehart

T Company Commander - Zachary E. Smith

T Company First Sergeant – Logan M. Barber

5th Battalion

Battalion Commander – Paige L. Herbst

Battalion SGM – Michael A. Sementilli

P Company Commander – Lawrence J. Bermudez

P Company First Sergeant – Kevin A. Delao

PB Commander – Madison J. Jordan

PB First Sergeant – Katherine M. Keller

S Company Commander – Claire E. Harrison

S Company First Sergeant – Parker T. Buchanan

V Company Commander – Timothy S. Holt

V Company First Sergeant – Rene A. Valentine

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