The Military College of South Carolina
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Your Guaranteed Rights

During the Investigation and resolution of a report, both the complainant and the respondent have equal rights to:

  • Receive a written notice of a complaint
  • Participate in the investigation and/or hearing
  • Review and present information, testimony, and evidence
  • Be accompanied by an advisor of their choice to any meeting
  • Timely and equal access to information that will be used in the grievance procedure
  • Timely notice of meetings at which their presence will be requested or required
  • Simultaneous written notice of the outcome, sanction, and rationale
  • Opportunity to appeal

Sexual Assault Victim Bill of Rights

The Citadel shall treat all victims of reported campus-related sexual violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault, with respect and fairness in adherence to the following Sexual Assault Victim Bill of Rights, in accordance with the Campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights (1992) and Section 485 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (revised 2008). All Citadel students and employees have the right to:

  1. Be treated with compassion and dignity, and to have disclosures of sexual violence treated seriously.

  2. Be informed of their right to disclose the incident(s) to law enforcement, and to be assisted by Citadel staff in reporting the incident(s) to law enforcement.

  3. Choose to not report incident(s) to law enforcement.

  4. Choose to not be involved in a Citadel investigation.

  5. Be free from suggestion that victims of sexual violence not report or under-report incidents because: a. victims were somehow “responsible” for the commission of crimes against them; b. victims were somehow “negligent” or assumed the risk of being assaulted; or c. by reporting crimes victims would incur unwanted personal publicity.

  6. Be advised of available on- and off-campus counseling and victim support services.

  7. Be advised of options for changing their academic schedule and/or on-campus living situation; the college will support any reasonable alternative academic and/or on-campus living arrangements requested by the victim.

  8. Expect The Citadel to take reasonable action to prevent contact with or proximity to alleged assailants.

  9. Describe the incident to as few Citadel representatives as is necessary. In Citadel investigations, all reporting and responding parties have the right to:

  10. Be accompanied by an advisor of choice who may assist and advise throughout the college investigation, including all meetings and hearings related to such process.

  11. Be informed in writing of the outcome of any Citadel investigation.

  12. Make a Title IX complaint to the Department of Education or the Office of Civil Rights concerning any inappropriate action or lack of appropriate action on the part of The Citadel in handling a crime of sexual violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault.
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