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Interview of William McLaughlin by Benton Szejk

October 29, 2016

Feature Article

William “Mac” McLaughlin enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduating from High School in 1957 and went on to serve his country for 27 years in every way the Marines let him. As he climbed his way up, making it to the highest enlisted rank of Sergeant Major, he put together an astoundingly distinguished and well-rounded career. He recruited new Marines, trained new recruits, and led marines in combat on three separate tours of duty in Vietnam. He killed people, he saved people, and he did whatever his country asked of him.

After retiring from the Military in 1984, Sergeant Major McLaughlin finally tried to settle down in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He went on to manage the largest bicycle franchise in the area, but quickly felt the military still calling his name and was compelled to serve in a civilian capacity. He left the bike shop to lead a team of men that provided security to The Naval Special Warfare Development Group, more commonly known as SEAL Team Six, until he retired in 2004. He still lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and remains in great shape, biking as many as twenty miles at a time weekly. Mr. McLaughlin provides many more stories in the interview—a great American tells his part of history.

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