The Military College of South Carolina
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This page summarizes some of the abbreviations used in the list of fallen alumni, including cemetery codes (for World War II), and other miscellaneous abbreviations (for World War II).

Code Cemetery Name Country
AR Ardennes Belgium
BR Brittany France
CA Cambridge England
EC East Coast Memorial New York, NY
EP Epinal France
FL Florence Italy
HC Henri-Chapelle Belgium
HN National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific Honolulu, HI
LO Lorraine France
LU Luxembourg Luxembourg
MN Manila Phillipines Islands
NA North Africa Tunisia
NE Netherlands Netherlands
NO Normandy France
RH Rhone France
SR Sicily-Rome Italy
WC West Coast Memorial San Francisco, CA

Abbreviation Meaning
AVC Aviation Cadet
BAS Buried at Sea
CDRE Commodore, USN
COX Coxswain, USN
CPL Corporal
Cty County
DNB Died Non-Battle
DOI Died of Injuries
DOW Died of Wounds
FLT O Flight Officer
FOD Finding of Death
KIA Killed in Action
MIA Missing in Action
S! Seaman First Class, USN

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